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Gokul Poly Valves PVT. LTD. is an Ahmedabad based firm in manufacturing a number of valves, strainers, engineering products, pipe and fitting made from PP, HDPE, PVC and UPVC materials. Mr. Kamlesh Parsaniya established our company in the year 2001. He has immense experience in the field of molding line and various kinds of industrial pipes, valves and fittings like PVC ball valve, UPVC and Plastic ball valve exporters in USA, Japan, South Africa, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, UAE. We have achieved the top notch position in the market for presenting the most reliable and accurate working valves. We have a great production capacity to produce nearly 15000 pieces of valves and 100000 pieces of fitting in one month. This capacity of production is the result of the extremely talented workforce and development departments.

What is PP ball valve?

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A ball valve is a special type of valve that turns only a quarter-round driven through the ball that allows controlling the flow. The ball valve has a floating ball that is open only on one side and is attached to the handle which when rotated opens and closes the valve. It is a one way valve in which the controlling is done through the pressure exerted on the ball of the cup-shaped opening. These valves are used in those locations where tight shut-off is required for accurate and leak proof control of flow. The PP ball valve is prepared from polypropylene material, increasing its durability and enhancing the characteristics.

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Working of Ball Valve

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The valve works on a simple principle to obstruct of the flow for controlling the flow. The ball valve is kept aligned in the direction of the pipeline. In the open position, the floating ball is aligned in such a way that the pipe remains in open state allowing the fluid to flow through it. When the flow is to be closed, the handle enables to rotate the ball to 90° in the direction of closed side in order to stop the flow of liquid. The smooth rotation of the floating ball makes it possible to control the flow liquid.

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Components of Ball Valve

The ball valve consists of 5 main components:

Body: The main component that forms the framework (covering) of the valve. The body of the ball valve gives the size and shape forming its cover.

Seat: The seat in the ball valve is the part that contains the center ball which is rotated and provides a protection cover.

Floating Ball:It is the main component of the ball valve which is a ball that is open at one part through which the fluid passes and it is rotated to control the flow.

Lever handle: The handle is used to control the opening and closing of the valve by operating the floating ball.

Stem: Stem is the element of the ball valve which connects the floating ball and the handle. It firmly joins both the elements making it possible to control the ball valve.

Types of Ball Valves

There are basically 6 types of ball valves:
  • Full Port (Bore): The full port type of ball valve is a full sized valve having the hole so large that it is equal to the size of the pipe to which it is connected. This results in less loss due to friction as the flow are not obstructed in between. This type of ball valve is mainly used in the industries where free flow is required in the pipeline.
  • Reduced Port (Bore): The reduced port/bore type of ball valve has the hole size which is one smaller than the actual size of the pipe. As the area decreases the velocity of flow will increase and keeps the speed of flow constant.
  • V Port: The V type of ball valve gets its name from the v shaped ball that fits in it. In the opening condition the flow starts from the smaller part of V shape to give a stable increase in flow. This type of valve can also be considered similar to the control valve, globe valve or needle valve.
  • Cavity Filler: The cavity filler ball valve is used in the industries that manufacture consumable items and require fluid to be plugged from the cavity if it gets contaminated. The seats are extended in such a way that it stays in constant contact with the ball.
  • Trunnion: The trunnion ball valve has an extra anchor on the top and bottom part of the ball that allows it to handle the high pressure easily. This valve can be used to start/stop and control the flow of fluid.
  • Multiport: The multiport ball valve has more than one port in L and T shaped and is even offered in 4 or more options to divert the flow. T shape allows 3 direction and L shaped offers 2 direction opening of the valve.

Uses of PP Ball Valves

There are various application area where the ball valves are used:
  • Instrument root valves
  • Industries requiring bubble-tight service
  • Drains and vents for air, gas and liquids
  • Petroleum industry
  • Water treatment plants
  • Chemical manufacturing industries
  • Steam service system

Why Us?

The PP ball valves we offer are fabricated from superior grade materials and are highly demanded in the world wide countries for their excellent performance and working efficiency. We present an extensive range of pp ball valves that finds its application in a number of industries. We have a great infrastructure that is outfitted with number of latest technological equipments which enables us in preparing high grade valves. In addition to this, our excellent workforce of professionals has skills and experience in the field of manufacturing the best grade valves. Our ball valves are highly renowned for their high service life and consistent performance.