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Engineering Products

Gokul Poly Valves PVT. LTD. is the top ranked manufacturer of a wide range of engineering products that are used in various industries to serve as a useful element in the processes executed in the departments. We have gained years of experience in the domain of providing the best quality of a number of products that are necessary in engineering tasks. Our aim is to provide a versatile and unique equipments that enhance the working of the mechanical processes. Some of the engineering products we offer are PP scrapper, PP impeller, PP shovel, scoop, spade, nozzles and other instruments and parts required in the water treatment plants. Our company is spread over a large industrial area which enables us to have various departments for specific type of product. We have a number of skilled employees that perform the task of manufacturing the desired product. Each of the manufactured engineering products is verified under a number of parameter and quality check criteria. We present the products in standard specification of dimension and quality as well as material and even customize the product as per the need of the client.

Our Range Of Engineering Product:


Name Size (inch) Material
Scrapper 3*5 and 5*6 PPCP
Impeller 8 to 24 PPCP
Shovel 12*9 PPCP
Tray 16*32*1 PP
Spade 9*7 PP
Scoop 5*8*2.5 PP
Nut Bolt 1/4 , 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4 PP / Nylon
Level Indicator ½, ¾ & 1 PP
Drain Trap Standard HDPE
Pall Ring 1 to 3 PP / PPH / PVDF
C Clamp Standard PPCP
PP Impeller
PP Screpper
PP Shovel Manufacturer
PP Tray Exporter

* Note: The dimension of the valves can be modified on customer’s request.


Name Size (inch) Material
Spray Nozzle ¼ to 1 PP
Ampullar Type Nozzle 1½  to 2½ PP
Target Nozzle ½ to ¾ PP / HDPE
Umbrella Type Nozzle Standard PP
HDPE Target Nozzle
PP Ampullar Type Nozzle
PP Scrap Nozzle
PP Umbrella Tyep Nozzle

* Note: The dimension of the valves can be modified on customer’s request.


Name Size (inch) Material
Ejector Tee Standard PP
Disc Type Strainer Standard PP
Disc Type Strainer Short Threaded Standard PP
Double Decker Stainer Standard PP
Button Strainer Standard PP
Tube Connectors Standard PP
PP Disc Type Strainers
PP Disc Type Strainer
PP Double Decker Strainer
PP Ejector Tee

* Note: The dimension of the valves can be modified on customer’s request.